Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Day After

Well, I made my deadline, but I think I have brain damage. Very early this morning, I scanned for errant red or green squiggly lines, checked the formatting one last time, and hit 'send.' I thought I'd feel relief when I hauled myself into bed, but for the next two hours, all of my grammatical, syntactical, and continuity errors showed themselves in my mind's eye.

All I have to do today is help set up for our town's library book sale and take a riding lesson with my son Ben, but I am hoping to do a coherent blog post later on today.

Time for coffee.

Did I mention I made pickles earlier this week? It was therapeutic and the sight of those jars all lined up in the cellar stirs a Little House in the Big Woods sort of contentment in me.


  1. CONGRATS! (yes, all caps on purpose) What a hurdle you just jumped over. And you canned pickles --- my god woman. If I lived down the street, I would have you over for wine one the patio.

  2. Whoo hoo! Good job, Jess! And those pickles look beautiful. Are those peppercorns in the liquid? Or capers?

  3. Peppercorns, bay leaf, champagne vinegar, salt (and I also drained the cukes in salt for a day), red peppers (because I like heat), and coriander seeds, well, just because. A whole clove or two of fresh garlic, a couple of slices of shallots not quite ready in my garden...and that's about it.

  4. Yay Jess!

    Now you need to get pickled.