Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh, The Places I'll Go!

As I will resume my travel and speaking schedule next month, and my new super-duper and more professional website is not quite up and running yet (soon!), I thought I'd post my upcoming public appearances in case anyone would like to show up and listen to a talk about intrinsic motivation, autonomy, Henry IV and his attempts to convince his son, Hal, get serious about his courtly duties, and the research on rewards, praise, and learning. All presentations are one hour unless otherwise specified, most are at schools, so please, if I indicate you should RSVP, please do.

February 4: NEST+m, New Explorations into Science Technology and Math, 6:00 PM. Please RSVP to wholechildcommittee@gmail.com if you plan to attend, as three schools have been invited. 111 Columbia Street (Avenue D and Houston. Subway - F train to Second Avenue.  Sit in the first two cars. About a 15 minute walk to the school)

February 5: International Charter School/St. Joseph's High School, 6-7 PM with time for chatting afterward. Located at St. Joseph's, 80 Willoughby St, Brooklyn. Evite is here, please RSVP so we can get our arms around attendance as several schools are attending. 

February 6: Gill St. Bernard School, Brueckner Hall. I will be speaking to students in the afternoon, but the parent talk will be after drop-off at 8:30 AM-ish (you know how drop-off goes...).

February 21-22: Association of Illinois Montessori Schools "One Voice, One Mission" conference. Parent Night, is the 21st, from 7-8:30, and open for registration here. I speak on the 22nd as well, but it's full and wait-listed. Feel free to register for the wait-list here.

March 27-29 EARCOS Teaching Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. Yeah, that one's kind of out of the way...and unless the protests calm down in the wake of the February election, who knows...?

April 17 Joslin Memorial Library, Waitsfield, VT, 6PM.

There are a few others in there, but sadly, they are private. I will post them if that changes. And if things go well, it looks like I will be speaking at some Upper Valley NH/VT public schools, too! I love speaking at schools; it's one of my favorite parts of this gig. But speaking to schools where I know the parents, teachers, and students? That makes me a little nauseous. 

I will be doing a Google Hangout tomorrow, January 22, at 9PM with Zoobean on the same topic I'm always prattling on about...if you've never done a Hangout, try it. It's fun! 

And today's post at the Atlantic, "Students Should Be Tested More, Not Less," is about the benefits of frequent, formative assessments on learning and memory. Yes. I know. Testing. I will get to work on a new piece about TESTING v. testing v. tests v. quizzes v. the assessments every good teaching does every day to check in on where students are with the material, collectively and individually. 

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