Friday, June 28, 2013

Girl Power

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I was in New York this week, pairing an appearance on the Today Show with much-needed reunions with a couple of amazing women that I hardly ever get to see. I have been so blessed as I move into this year of writing and pre-publicity for my book, in that the parenting and education community have gone above and beyond to support me. Forget what you've seen in the television depictions of catty and back-stabbing professional women; my experiences have been the polar opposite of that stereotype. Amazing, smart, and talented women have offered their knowledge and connections up to me without expectation of payback, and the latest in this procession of incredible women is Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, who co-guested on the segment above. While we waited in the greenroom, she introduced me around and gave me the low-down on how things work around NBC. We also managed to give someone parenting advice while we waited for our segment to tape (and ogle the male models waiting for their segment...although that may have been just me).

So thank you, parenting education writers, and you all know who you are. There are too many to mention and I'd surely leave someone out. I know, because I started listing you for this post and it just got silly. I really and truly could not be writing this book and doing these appearances without you.

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