Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nothing Comes From Nothing

The rest of the students will present tomorrow, but my interpretation of the storm in King Lear is finally dry and ready to be revealed to the world:

The text on the "storm," or "mask" is from the Dramatis Personae and the scenes leading up to the storm and the storm itself. The quotes in the crown are from the scenes early on when Lear revels in his kingliness. The base includes quotes from scenes that precipitate the storm - the love challenge and so forth. The "paint" is glue and paint mixed together so it dries clear. The greenery is meant to evoke the heath (clippings from the hedges outside the front of the middle school).

To be continued tomorrow when the kids present their creations.

1 comment:

  1. we're still on the road, jess, and so it's taken me until now to track down and sit down with your interpretation of the storm.

    at first glance, i wondered if you weren't hiding inside that cocoon of words and emotion, watching us assessing you. it was a little unnerving.

    i also realized as i read your description of the components of your piece how insufficient my summary of king lear would be if i were forced to provide one -- even a short one. your students are fortunate to have an opportunity to incorporate what they're reading with a hands-on exploration (not to go all "spinal tap" on you) of the content. as a result, i'll bet they will be able to speak competently about lear 20 years from now.